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Conservatives urge Greens to protect sensitive sites from traveller encampments


Conservatives on Brighton & Hove City Council are calling for the Green Administration to do more to protect sensitive sites in the city, such as parks and sports pitches, from unlawful traveller incursions.

The first 18 months of the Green Administration has been characterised by unprecedented numbers of unlawful traveller encampments on council-owned sites such as Greenleas Park, Carden Park, Wild Park, East Brighton Park, Saltdean Park and Waterhall and Braypool sports pitches, causing massive disruption to residents. The problem of unlawful traveller encampments was highlighted last week when there was a serious stabbing incident at Wild Park. As a result, the Police stationed a mobile CCTV van by the encampment for a week at significant expense to the taxpayer.

The Conservatives are suggesting that a list of sensitive sites is drawn up, in conjunction with the Police, and that any future encampments on these sites be the subject of immediate eviction. The recent cross-party scrutiny panel on travellers recommended that, as a matter of priority, the Council produce a plan for identifying and securing sensitive sites in the city. To date, the Green Administration has not done this.

Conservative Group Leader – Cllr.Geoffrey Theobald– said: “All we are asking is that sites which are used by the public for recreation, sport and leisure activities are given proper protection. If it is not possible to physically secure the sites then the Police should use the powers that they have to immediately move travellers off when an incursion occurs.”