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Pressure mounts on Greens to reverse their parking charge hikes


New evidence has emerged of the damaging impact that the Green Party’s massive parking charge hikes are having in Brighton & Hove.

A report going to the Council’s Policy & Resources Committee next Thursday (11th October) reveals that there is an expected shortfall in pay and display income of £700,000 meaning that less people are parking on the city’s streets. The Greens had originally predicted that their parking charge hikes would bring an extra £1.3 million to the Council’s coffers and so the revised figure provides clear evidence that people are choosing to stay away because of the sheer scale of the increases.

The report backs up figures obtained by the Conservative Group last month under the Freedom of Information Act which reveal that Brighton & Hove is faring much worse than rival seaside resorts, Bournemouth and Eastbourne, when it comes to visitor numbers this year. Whilst visitors to Brighton & Hove dropped 10% year on year in the first 7 months of 2012, Eastbourne saw just a 3% reduction whilst in Bournemouth, visitor numbers actually increased by 13%.

The Conservative Group is submitting a motion to the Full Council meeting on 25th October calling on the Greens to reverse their parking charge increases.

Conservative Group Leader – Cllr. Geoffrey Theobald– said: “The Green Party’s parking charges are delivering a double-whammy. Not only are they putting people off coming to the city to spend their money but we now learn that they have left a massive black hole in the Council’s Budget. I repeat my call to the Green Administration to reverse their massive parking charge hikes before they do any more damage to the city.”

Conservative Group Transport Spokesman – Cllr. Graham Cox – added: “The Green Party continue to cling to their misguided belief that this is all down to the poor Summer weather but there is clearly much more to it than that, as our figures from Eastbourne and Bournemouth show. I find their complacency extremely worrying – local traders warned about it at the time, and they are suffering badly because of the refusal of the Green Party to listen.”