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Conservatives call for parking rule change to help local traders


Conservatives are calling on the Green Administration of Brighton & Hove City Council to change the rules on parking waivers to make it easier and safer for local traders to park in the city whilst carrying out work.

Central HoveCouncillor Andrew Wealls is putting the proposal to Green Party Transport Spokesman Ian Davey- at the meeting of the Councils Transport Committee on Tuesday (27th November).

Under the current rules, traders can buy parking waivers for 10 a day which allows them to park on single and double yellow lines for a limited period, but they are not allowed to park in pay and display or resident parking bays, despite many of these being unoccupied during the day time.

Cllr. Wealls is proposing that traders with waivers are allowed to park in resident parking bays as well as, and indeed in preference to, parking on yellow lines

Cllr. Wealls said: It really doesnt make sense from a road safety point of view for the Council to effectively be saying to traders that we want you to park on double yellow lines rather than in an empty residents parking bay a few yards down the road. In addition, there would be little or no impact on the Councils income from my proposal as most of these parking bays would be empty during the day and the tradespeople are working for nearby residents anyway.

Conservative Group Transport Spokesman – Cllr. Graham Cox – added: I suspect that the Green Administration is enforcing this rule as they would prefer traders to buy expensive annual Trader Permits which they put up last year from 350 to 600. If that is the case, it is mean-spirited in the extreme and is another example of how the Green Party simply isnt on the side of local business.