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Conservatives call for further parking charge reductions after Green London Road U-turn


Conservatives on Brighton & Hove City Council have welcomed the news that the Green Administration are to reduce parking charges in London Road and are calling for further reductions in other parts of the city in order to boost the local economy.

Conservative Group Leader Cllr. Geoffrey Theobald said: Im glad that the Green Party has finally recognised the serious error they made in hiking these charges in the first place – bowing to the pressure from our campaign and that of local traders in the London Road area. However, I do find it quite astonishing that just last week at the Transport Committee meeting, Cllr. Davey repeatedly stated that the charges could not be reduced because congestion and air pollution needed to be tackled in the London Road area. I wonder what has changed between now and then.

A few weeks ago the Conservatives submitted a notice of motion to next Thursdays Full Council meeting calling on the Green Administration to reduce charges right across the city to the levels they were in 2011 (set at the last Budget of the previous Conservative Administration).

Group Transport Spokesman Cllr. Graham Cox added: These charges should never have been increased to this level in the first place. The 700,000 shortfall in on-street parking income gives a clear indication that raising charges on this scale is counterproductive and that people are simply choosing to stay away and spend their money elsewhere. I would have liked to see this come a bit earlier so traders could have benefitted in the run up to Christmas.Also, I hope now that the Green Party has the good sense to reduce some of the other charges across the city that have done so much damage to local business.