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Government’s Tax Cuts are Helping Local People, says Mike


Mike Weatherley, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Hove and Portslade, is pleased to announce that tens of thousands of local residents will pay less tax from April next year.

Following tax changes that have been introduced by the Conservative-led Government , 37, 472 people in Hove will benefit from tax cuts from April 2013, and 1,517 residents will be taken out of income tax altogether. To support those on low and middle incomes, the Government will increase the personal allowance by a further £235 in April 2013, which will take it up by £1,335 to £9,440. This will directly benefit 24.4 million people and over 2.2 million people will have been taken completely out of income tax.

Commenting, Mike said: “One of the fundamental principles of the Conservative-led Government has been to reduce bureaucracy and cut taxes so that those who work hard can keep more of their own money. Quite rightly, the changes that have been announced will help the poorest most by taking millions out of paying any income tax at all.”