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Hangleton & Knoll Conservatives call for urgent safety measures on Hangleton link road


Conservative Councillors for Hangleton & Knoll Ward – Dawn Barnett and Tony Janio – are calling on the Council to make it safer for residents to cross the busy Hangleton Link road near its junction with Fox Way.

The A293, which links the A27 with the Old Shoreham Road, is a significant barrier to the many school children from Portslade who walk to Hove Park and Blatchington Mill Schools as well as parents with young children who want to get to Greenleas Park. Dawn and Tony are submitting a letter to the next meeting of the Council’s Transport Committee (January 15th) asking council officers to consider providing a small pedestrian bridge, traffic calming or some form of crossing point that won’t lead to more queuing traffic.

Dawn and Tony are also questioning why £27,000 has been spent on a ‘variable messaging sign’ for motorists (that has not been working for months) on the same stretch of road whilst it appears that no money can be found for road safety measures. In a recent ‘pedestrian priority assessment’, the Hangleton Link road came just 34th in a ranking of city roads meaning there is little or no chance that it will receive any funding in the near future. By contrast, over £2 million will be spent next year on road safety work at 7 Dials and on implementing 20mph zones in the city.

Dawn said: “In my view, this is an accident waiting to happen and I would like the Council to do something about it as a matter of urgency. There is a pedestrian bridge over the Old Shoreham Road near Holmbush so why not on this equally busy road? Although I think in general these electronic information signs are a good idea, I would question whether they should be a higher priority than residents’ safety.”

Tony added: “We don’t want anything that would lead to more queuing traffic as that would be counterproductive. But we would like council officers to consider how this dangerous stretch of road could be made safer, in particular for the many young people that have to cross it in order to get to school. I believe there is a pot of money called Safer Routes to Schools which would seem to be perfect for this situation. The Council should be actively encouraging kids to walk to school in my view.”