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Mike to Appear on ITV Squatting Documentary


Mike Weatherley, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Hove and Portslade, is to feature in Richard Madeleys ITV documentary, Madeley Meets the Squatters, which will be broadcast on ITV1 on Thursday 6th December at 9pm.

Mike has been campaigning for squatting to be criminalised since his election to Parliament in 2010 and has been supported by the Prime Minister. Squatting is a huge problem in Brighton & Hove, with numerous instances of this organised and frequently menacing behaviour blighting the lives of ordinary people. Irate squatters have dubbed the new law Weatherleys Law following Mikes campaign to introduce the new legislation.

Mike, who is now campaigning for the law to be extended to commercial properties, was recently attacked by pro-squatter protesters at Sussex University before he was due to take part in a debate squatting. For those who miss the live broadcast of Madeley Meets the Squatters, the programme should be available soon after on the ITV Player here.

Commenting, Mike said: I was very happy to talk to Richard to discuss the problems of squatting in my constituency and across the country and look forward to watching the programme in full. Now that squatting has been criminalised in residential properties, squatters are breaking into commercial properties something which has just happened to a former school in Hove. This cannot go on and I am pushing for the law to be extended.