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Patcham Conservatives welcome moves to tackle grass verge parking


Patcham Ward Conservative Councillors have welcomed the news that Brighton & Hove City Council is to trial a verge parking enforcement scheme along a section of Surrenden Road that is plagued by lived-in vans.

Parking on grass verges in this part of the Ward has become a huge problem in recent years with van dwellers in particular parking their vehicles on the Surrenden Road verges, most notably between Braybon Avenue and Ditchling Road. It can take weeks for the Council to move the van dwellers on and usually ends up involving a court order, incurring significant costs to the council taxpayer. Once they have finally been moved on, many just decamp to another nearby road or another part of the city and then return again to Surrenden Road within a short period of time.

Conservative Group Leader and Patcham Ward Councillor – Geoffrey Theobald said: This will be music to the ears of residents living on Surrenden Road who are understandably aggrieved at having these lived-in vans parked opposite their houses. We have been asking for the Council and Police to take this issue seriously for some time and Im pleased that they are now listening to local residents concerns. I would like this scheme started as soon as possible.

Fellow Ward Councillor Carol Theobald added: It simply isnt fair that these people can park for weeks on the grass verges before being moved on. It is local taxpayers who have to foot the considerable bill for this anti-social behaviour and the sooner a stop is put to it the better.