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Mike Highlights Plight of Iranian Pastor


Mike Weatherley, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Hove and Portslade, has backed a Early Day Motion (EDM) that brings to light the sad story of Farshid Fathi, a Christian pastor in Iran, who has been imprisoned on account of his faith.

EDM 1174 (Imprisoned Iranian Pastor), draws attention to human rights violations in Iran that mean that an individual can face a harsh prison sentence by simply having a certain religious belief. Cross-party calls are now being made by MPs for the Government to condemn this abhorrent punishment.

Commenting, Mike said: Religious persecution is a pernicious reality that all too often goes hand-in-hand in theocracies and countries ruled by dictators. Sadly, respect for human rights in Iran is about as much of a priority as winning a Nobel Peace Prize is to Kim Jong-un. I hope that the Government will do all that it can to ensure the safe release of Farshid Fathi, who has committed no crime other than to believe in the Christian faith.