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Plans to Develop the BHASVIC Field Do Not Have My Support


Following the surprise announcement of plans to build a whole new school on BHASVIC playing field, Mike Weatherley, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Hove and Portslade, has reassured residents that he does not support building over this popular green space.

Mike is meeting with James Kilmartin, Head Teacher of Cardinal Newman School, to discuss a strategy for opposing the plans. While the field is commonly known as the BHASVIC playing field, it is under the exclusive control of the neighbouring Cardinal Newman School, defined by a long lease from Brighton & Hove City Council.

Commenting, Mike said: The announcement of plans to build on the BHASVIC playing field has taken everyone, myself included, by surprise. I realise that there is an acute shortage of school places within the city, but building on playing fields is not the solution. I will be writing to the Department for Education to highlight my concerns as well as the objections that have been raised by residents and both Cardinal Newman and BHASVIC.

Mike added: I cannot overstate the importance of more school places within Brighton & Hove and the Governments excellent Free School initiative will allow this to happen. It is the case too that ideological obstructions by the Green administration have resulted in this stalemate. If we are to avoid this sort of situation, Brighton & Hove City Council desperately needs to identify sites within the city as a matter of urgency. Burying heads in the sand is not a strategy.