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Mike Backs Cameron’s Move to Enact EU Referendum Legislation


Mike Weatherley, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Hove and Portslade, has welcomed the Prime Minister’s decision to introduce legislation that will enshrine an EU referendum in law and will back the new bill.

Mike was one of a number of eurosceptic Conservative MPs who indicated his support to back an Amendment to the Queen’s Speech, which expressed regret at the speech not including an EU Referendum Bill. However, the Prime Minister has now decided that the introducing legislation is necessary and will seek to put before Parliament, in the form of a Private Member’s Bill, a commitment to hold a referendum on Britain’s relationship with Europe in 2017.

Commenting, Mike said: “I am pleased that the Prime Minister is now backing a solid commitment to holding a referendum on Europe. Over the years Britain has been pushed into accepting a raw deal with Europe. This cannot go on and I very much hope that serious negotiations can provide an acceptable outcome. However, the ultimate say will, rightly, be left with the public in 2017.”