Home News Mike Blasts Green Council for Rubbish in Brighton & Hove

Mike Blasts Green Council for Rubbish in Brighton & Hove


Having been inundated with complaints from angry residents, Mike Weatherley, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Hove and Portslade, has slated the Green administration for raising council tax for residents and then failing to collect their rubbish.

Rubbish in Brighton & Hove has been left uncollected for weeks, to the disbelief of council tax-paying residents. Business leaders are now worried that given that Brighton & Hoves economy relies so much upon tourism that the mess strewn across the streets is hurting local trade.

Commenting, Mike said: Residents were angry enough when they received their council tax bills which had gone up courtesy of the Greens and Labour in Brighton & Hove. But on top of that bombshell, many streets in the city now resemble a landfill site. More concerning though than the unsightly mess and smells, is the environmental impact of rubbish left out to rot. Indeed, I have heard from a number of accounts of rats feasting on the waste left by the Greens.