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Mike Praises Local Business in Tackling Toxic Green Waste


Mike Weatherley, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Hove and Portslade, has praised businesses right across Brighton & Hove for their hard work in picking up rubbish that has been left as a result of the Green administrations failure to tackle local GMB/Labour strike action.

Mike has commended businesses in taking the lead in clearing the spaces outside their shops. Given how much traders rely on a steady stream of customers, waiting for the council to sort the mess out is a luxury that most businesses cannot afford especially during the busy tourist season.

In addition, Mike has joined local Brighton & Hove Conservatives in urging the Green Administration to use powers that are available to it to bring in temporary workers to cover for striking staff.

Commenting, Mike said: Local businesses have been fantastic in spearheading community clear-ups. Having rubbish everywhere is crippling for businesses, and token apologies from Brighton & Hove City Council do nothing to change the fact that many of citys streets are beginning to resemble landfill sites. Traders who pay huge amounts of money to the Council to keep the streets clean cannot afford for this debacle to go on. They are a credit to our city.