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Rubbish Dispute has Hit Crisis Point


Having been inundated with calls, emails and letters from angry residents, Mike Weatherley, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Hove and Portslade, is urging both GMB/Labour and the Greens to put Brighton & Hove first.

Mike has joined local Brighton & Hove Conservatives in urging the Green Administration to use powers that are available to it to bring in temporary workers to cover for striking staff. This comes as Green MP Caroline Lucas was caught supporting the strike just as it dawns on residents that the sad reality is that the Greens can never be trusted to run anything ever again.

Meanwhile, GMB/Labour has been putting pressure on Brighton & Hove City Council not to employ temporary relief workers to empty the overflowing bins, which would avert the ongoing health and safety crisis.

Commenting, Mike said: Generally, most residents just want their bins emptied and to be left alone to get on with their lives. However, together the Greens and the GMB/Labour union have gotten the city into a complete and utter mess. While Caroline Lucas has joined the strikers on the picket line, I will instead be helping residents this weekend attempt to clear up some of the rubbish.”

Mike added: Ive been contacted by a huge number of residents who are extremely angry that Brighton & Hove City Council, led by the Green Party, has failed in its most basic of duties. Ive heard horror story after horror story and the situation is now totally out of control. It has reached a crisis point, so Brighton & Hove City Council needs to act now to get cover for the GMB/Labour union strikers.