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Time to focus on what concerns residents in Hanover and Elm Grove


Robert Knight, Conservative candidate in the Hanover and Elm Grove by-election, has reflected on his first 3 weeks campaigning. He has concluded, ‘It’s time to focus on the issues of real concern to the residents of Hanover and Elm Grove.’

  • Is immigration a concern for the residents of Hanover and Elm Grove?

It shouldn’t be. The sterling work of Theresa May and this Government has reduced immigration by a third and, with the help of the new deposit required by visitors from countries known to abuse the visa system, is on target to reduce net migration to under 100,000 a year by 2015.

  • Whichisthe only party best placed to offer the British public a say on whether we should leave the EUto control our borders, economy and law makingfrom the European Commission?

The Conservatives. For residents of Hanover and Elm Grove concerned with immigration and our membership of the EU there is only one party that will, realistically, deal with their concerns

  • Who will deal effectivally with your local services?

The Conservatives. Those litter strewn streetsweresymptomatic of a failing Green administration supported bythe GMB backed Labour party. The City needs an efficient and effective Conservative administration.

  • Who will deal with unofficial free parking and clogged streets?

The Conservatives. Parking is a big problem with parts of the area now the City’s unofficial free car park, whilst other areas fear the encroachment of controlled parking. A solution that suits all local residents is urgently needed.

  • Who will sort out increase in Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs)?

The Conservatives.HMOs are an issue with many local residents and a Conservative administration will rigorously enforce new rules regarding the conversion if small family homes in to HMOs.

  • What about more housing?

Conservatives willease pressure on the demand for housing in the Citybybuilding new homes onbrownfield sites,rather than on greenfield sites on the edge of theCity and South Downs National Park. Conservative policyis visiblyin action at the Brighton General Hospital site where 95 new homes – 80% affordable- are under construction.