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Conservatives call for immediate eviction of Braypool travellers


Patcham Ward Conservatives are calling for the large group of travellers currently camped at Braypool to be immediately moved off this sensitive site which is used for sporting activities and also by the nearby RSPCA rescue centre, as well as many local dog walkers.

Around 50 caravans and other vehicles broke onto the Braypool site late last week and have not been moved on over the weekend despite immediate calls from Conservatives for the Council to request the Police use their powers to do so.

To make matters worse, the Councils official Transit site at Horsdean remains closed following months of expensive remedial works after the site was broken into by a large group of travellers last Christmas. The Environment Agency has also been investigating the site after concerns were raised about possible contamination of the drinking water aquifer that supplies Brighton & Hove.

Cllr. Geoffrey Theobald said: A number of local residents have contacted me expressing their disbelief that, once again, the Police dont seem to be taking any action against these travellers despite it being a clear case of them breaking onto land which they have no right to be on. Braypool flanks the main gateway into the city for many visitors and quite frankly, it looks a complete mess with so many vehicles parked on it. They should be moved off immediately. I just hope they havent damaged the cricket pitches and I am very concerned about what will happen with upcoming fixtures scheduled for this week.

Cllr. Carol Theobald added: When the travellers left the nearby Waterhall site why on earth werent the Council or the Police deployed at other sensitive sites such as Braypool to prevent the travellers gaining access? Its not exactly rocket science. If they are given the strong message that these playing fields and parks are off limits then they are much less likely to come back.