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Conservatives welcome Government funding to cut city air pollution


Conservatives have welcomed the announcement that Brighton & Hove is to receive 750,000 from the Conservative-led Governments Clean Bus Technology Fund to help cut pollution and improve air quality in the city.

The funding, secured by the Council in partnership with the citys largest bus operator, Brighton & Hove Buses, will be used to retrofit 50 vehicles with new clean engine technology to reduce the amount of air pollution they produce.

Although levels of air pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide have improved in many parts of the city in recent years, there remain significant hotspots in the city centre such as North Street, where average levels are over twice the EU safe limit. This is almost entirely down to the high volume of buses that use the road.

Group Transport Spokesman, Cllr. Graham Cox said: This is very welcome funding from the Conservative led Government to ensure the air quality in Brighton and Hove is improved. There is also now no excuse whatsoever for any increase in bus fares as a result of the introduction of cleaner buses.

The funding is the latest example of Government support for transport improvements in Brighton & Hove such as Better Bus Areas (3.5 million), Local Sustainable Transport Fund (4 million) and Linking Communities (access to the South Downs National Park, 340k).