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Mike Backs Calls to Keep Main Roads at 30mph


Mike Weatherley MP has backed proposals from Conservative Councillors, motoring groups, residents and local businesses for main roads in Brighton & Hove to remain at 30mph as plans to create a near-blanket 20mph zone across the city are considered.

Green-led plans for 20mph across the city have been phased in, starting in central areas, with roll-outs planned for the rest of the city over the coming year. However, there has been significant resistance from residents and businesses alike to what is seen as a blanket approach and a war on the motorist. For more details on the plans, click here.

Following the implementation of Phase I of the 20mph proposals in the city centre, there will be opportunities during the ongoing Phase II consultation and during the forthcoming Phase III consultation to make the case that thoroughfares such as Boundary Road, Portland Road, Olive Road, Hangleton Road, Hangleton Way, West Way, Goldstone Crescent and others should be kept moving.

Commenting, Mike said: I am really pleased that a consensus has been agreed upon amongst Conservatives, businesses and motoring groups when it comes to keeping the city moving by pushing for main roads in Brighton & Hove to remain at 30mph. I know that many residents are happy that their own roads have been reduced to 20mph, and I back this, but speed reductions should not be applied to main thoroughfares. It would be fantastic if we can come to a cross-party agreement on what, on balance, is the best solution for the city as a whole.

Conservative Group Spokesman on Transport, Cllr Graham Cox, said: My Conservative colleagues and I have been pushing for a common sense approach that can hopefully receive broad support within the council. I will be making this case strongly at the Transport Committee when the time comes.

Andy Cheesman, Spokesperson for Unchain the Brighton Motorist, added: Its great that Conservative Councillors and Mike Weatherley MP are in support of a sensible 30mph on main roads throughout the city. A blanket 20mph isnt needed, doesnt have the support of the public or visitors, and is bad for small- and medium-sized businesses. When the city moves slowly, our whole economy moves slowly. A thriving city that is attractive to visitors is vital for all of us.