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Mike Praises Fines for Litter Bugs


Following a recent anti-social behaviour crackdown by Croydon Council, Mike Weatherley, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Hove and Portslade, has praised the new initiative, which has seen up to 40 littering people a day receiving fines.

Mike was impressed when he learnt that Croydon Council has drafted in four Environment Enforcement Officers to enforce local by-laws in an exciting new trial. On-the-spot fines of 75 are issued to offenders who litter. Of this fine, the private company that provides the enforcement takes 45 and the remaining 30 goes straight to the local authority.

Given the problems of litter and dog-mess in Brighton & Hove, Mike would like to see a similar scheme introduced in the city. Mike has written to the Chief Executive of Brighton & Hove City Council to highlight schemes like this in the past and his Conservative colleagues on the council are watching the trial of the scheme with interest.

Commenting, Mike said: This is an innovative solution to a perpetual problem across the country. Its not right that taxpayers should have to pay to clear up after lazy litter bugs. One particularly laudable aspect of the scheme is that it doesnt cost the taxpayer a penny. Clearly the enforcement officers need to exercise commonsense, but if it works properly, its a win-win for Croydon residents. If you need persuading, just look at our beaches after a hot weekend.