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Mike Supports Parliamentary Motion on UK Wildlife Crime


Mike Weatherley, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Hove and Portslade, has stressed the importance of tackling wildlife crime in the UK and creating a long-term financial and strategic plan to end the trafficking of protected species.

EDM 98 (Tackling UK Wildlife Crime) highlights the need to treat the tragedies of wildlife crime as serious organised crime and address it with the appropriate resources. The motion calls upon the Government to take a tough stance on wildlife crimes and protect the endangered species concerned in order to ensure the welfare of animals.

Mike is a strong supporter of animal welfare. He has consistently voted in favour of animal rights and has supported a number of campaigns for better treatment of animals in the UK.

Commenting, Mike said: Wildlife crime is an extremely important issue that I have been consistently outspoken against, so I was very happy to support this parliamentary motion. Given the cross-party support that this motion has received, it is clear that awareness of this issue is being raised in Parliament and I am confident that my colleagues in Government will listen to the calls of MPs.