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No Cycling On Promenade


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Residents want Hove promenade kept bike free, reveals survey by local Conservatives

Hove residents have rejected the Councilís idea of allowing cycling on Hove promenade in an extensive survey carried out by local Conservatives in Central Hove and Westbourne wards.

Brighton and Hove City Councilís plan of lifting the current ban on cycling on the iconic seafront route, between the Peace status and Hove lagoon, was objected to by clear two-thirds majority (65%) of residents.

Upon hearing of the council administrationís proposal local Conservatives thought it was vital that residents were able to have their say on the future of their seafront. They contacted 9,000 homes in Central Hove and Westbourne wards over the summer, which generated huge interest.

Objectors expressed fears about safety of seafront walkers, particularly children and older people, being knocked down. Many residents said that speeding cyclists and pedestrians simply do not mix Ė and that the promenade should be kept for promenading. The view that there was already enough seafront provision was common, with people point out that there is already a cycle lane that on the other side of the Lawns. While others argued that enough money had already been spent on cycle lanes in the city.

A minority (30%) were more receptive to allowing some cycling on the promenade, suggesting that with clearly marked lanes cyclists and pedestrians could share the seafront space.

One of the organisers of the survey, Central Hove council candidate, Adam Love said, “Residents have clearly rejected the Green councilís idea of cycling on Hove promenade. As a cyclist, I want to see more people using bikes, but there is a perfectly good lane just the other side of Hove Lawns. People get great pleasure from peacefully strolling along the promenade Ė there is seems no benefit from ruining their enjoyment by making them dodge bikes.Ē

Cllr Andrew Wealls added, “I have had several residents contact me who have been knocked over and injured by speeding cyclists on the prom and I doubt they will be surprised by everyone’s response to this proposal. It is a shame because this small minority of irresponsible people are spoiling it for everyone.Ē

For more information, please contact:
Adam Love on 077344 13963 or email love.adamjames@gmail.com or
Cllr Andrew Wealls on 079313 81153 or Andrew.wealls@brighton-hove.gov.uk
For more information about Central Hove Conservative candidate Adam Love see
here: https://www.brightonandhoveconservatives.com/2012/09/new-central-hove-local-election-candidate-adam-love-announced-by-conservatives/