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Council Needs to Sort Recycling


Mike Weatherley, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Hove and Portslade, is calling on Brighton & Hove City Council to address the mounting recycling and refuse problem that is plaguing a large number of streets in his constituency.

Mike has received a deluge of complaints from angry residents who have not had their recycling or rubbish collected for weeks, with some not having had a collection since before Christmas. This debacle follows the city-wide rubbish collection fiasco of 2013.

Brighton & Hove City Council received so many complaints over this issue that they pleaded with residents not to contact them to complain. The backlog follows the introduction of new rounds for Cityclean workers, amidst a prolonged industrial dispute. Union representatives have said that the changes leave the city with reduced refuse collection capacity.

Commenting, Mike said: My inbox has been deluged by residents who are understandably angry that once again their recycling and rubbish isnt being collected on time. Residents across Brighton & Hove are being forced to pay more council tax, but have subsequently received a poorer service. Once again, the Green administration is showing itself to be completely inept at running things in the city.