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Mike Slams Green Council Tax Referendum


Mike Weatherley, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Hove and Portslade, has slammed plans announced by the Green administration, which controls Brighton & Hove City Council, to hike council tax by a staggering 4.75% the highest rise in the country. In order to push through a tax rise this high a referendum of Brighton & Hove residents must be held.

The proposal by the Green administration to raise council tax by 4.75% could cost local taxpayers almost 250,000. Government rules, introduced to keep council tax as low as possible, mean that local authorities that wish to increase council tax by more than 2% must consult the electorate via a referendum.

Commenting, Mike said: The Green administration really is in for a shock as it prepares to waste an inordinate amount of money on a referendum to see if the residents of Brighton & Hove wish to pay more tax. Any budgetary problems that Brighton & Hove City Council has are down to waste, spending priorities and gross mismanagement. Throwing more hard-working tax payers money at the Greens inability to manage the city certainly wont fix things.

Mike added: If the referendum on more taxes does go ahead, it will be a referendum on the Greens popularity in Brighton & Hove. Given the disdain that residents have expressed at debacles such as bins not being collected, blanket 20mph speed limits, sky-high parking charges and a failure to tackle major projects, my constituents will not be happy. A tax rise like this is an affront to hard pressed families and pensioners. The Greens are showing incredible arrogance to ask residents to pay for their mismanagement.