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Mike Calls for Rethink of Ineffective Badger Culling


Mike Weatherley, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Hove & Portslade, has reiterated his calls for a rethink of the Government’s badger culling policy after pilot culls killed lower than expected numbers.

Mike has signed Early Day Motion (EDM) 661 (Pilot Badger Cull Parliamentary Assessment and Vote) to draw further attention to the issue, after having recently signing EDM 299, which expressed concern over the potential cull before it began. EDM 661 comes in the wake of the Royal College of Vetinary Surgeons’ report to England’s Chief Vetinary Officer, which remarks upon the increased suffering that badgers will face should the culls continue. This method is both less humane and less effective than the alternative of trapping and vaccinating badgers for tuberculosis.

Commenting, Mike said: “This evidence comes as no surprise to those of us who have long viewed badger culling as not only an inhumane method of disease control, but also one which is fundamentally ineffective as a method of reducing bovine tuberculosis. I hope that that the report from the Royal College of Vetinary Surgeons helps draw attention to the problems with badger culling and leads to a reassessment of the national cull as a whole going forward.”