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Mike says Supermarket Pricing Not on Side of Consumers


Following an investigation by consumer group Which?, Mike has criticised supermarkets for facilitating opaque pricing on products.

Mike is concerned that competition is being hampered as in order for the free market to work effectively, competition needs to be fair. The Which? investigation concluded that many of the offers which on first glance appear to be good value are, in many cases, in fact worse. For more information on the investigation and its findings, click here.

Commenting Mike said, “Supermarkets spend millions of pounds on advertising how they are on the side of consumers, yet the reality is sometimes quite different. A weekly shop is a big part of most people’s budget, so the last thing that is needed when trawling around with a trolley of food is a pricing structure that is deliberately designed to mislead.

“I have been amazed recently by the number of products that have changed in size, yet not in price, but still have the gall to print great value on the label. Consumers need to be savvy to the tactics employed by supermarkets, which often border on being unlawful. That said, just because something isn’t illegal doesn’t mean that it’s right.”