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Conservatives call for blitz on potholes


Conservatives are calling on Brighton & Hove City Councils Green Administration to put more money into repairing the citys roads and pavements ahead of a Council meeting that will decide how 7.5 million of Conservative-led Government funding for transport should be spent.

The 7.5 million is the highest ever allocation to the Council and is an increase of 18% on last years funding. The Council has also received an additional 325,000 from the Government specifically for repairing potholes caused by the severe winter weather.

Conservative Group Leader, Cllr. Geoffrey Theobald, said: The Green Administration has put an awful lot of time, money and effort over the last three years into schemes such as 20mph zones, Lewes Road, Eastern Road and Seven Dials. As a result I believe that they have taken their eye off the ball on the basic fundamentals such as road and pavement repairs, street lighting and pedestrian crossings. That is why I shall be moving an amendment to the Policy & Resources Committee report calling for a greater proportion of the money to be spent on highway maintenance.

Conservative Group Transport Spokesman, Cllr. Graham Cox, added: It is not just motorists who would benefit from this extra funding. I am getting many complaints from cyclists about an increasing number of damaging and dangerous potholes on the roads and also from pedestrians who have seen an alarming deterioration in the state of the citys pavements. It’s time for the Greens to do the basics – repair the roads and collect the rubbish.