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Conservatives condemn council tax increase

Cllr. Geoffrey Theobald OBE
Cllr. Geoffrey Theobald OBE

Cllr. Geoffrey Theobald OBE, Leader of the Conservative Group on Brighton & Hove City Council, has expressed disappointment at last night’s (5th March) decision by Labour and Green councillors to impose an above inflation 2% council tax rise on residents.

Geoffrey said: We have been clear and consistent for many months that the Administration should accept the 1.2 million recurrent funding on offer from the Government and deliver a council tax freeze. I am, therefore, very disappointed for the residents of this city that they have been lumbered with this above inflation increase. I am especially disappointed with the Labour Group for not supporting our freeze proposals. Their Leader is constantly banging on about a cost of living crisis yet here he is voting to push up peoples council tax bills. There are many Labour councils up and down the country such as Manchester, Sunderland, Newcastle and most Labour London Boroughs who are freezing council tax why should Brighton & Hove be any different? We have shown, through our proposals, that it is perfectly possible to freeze council tax and still put money in to protect vital services such as short break respite for disabled children. This council tax increase is completely unnecessary.