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Conservatives say get a grip on bin chaos


Conservatives are calling for council bosses to get a grip of the continued disruption in the Cityclean refuse and recycling service that has left so many residents angry and frustrated and has disfigured the citys streets.

Conservative Councillors Andrew Wealls and Graham Cox have submitted a Notice of Motion to the Full Council meeting on 27th March calling for a Command Group of senior officers and politicians to be set up to urgently address the problems that have beset the service ever since last Summers strike action.

Cllr. Wealls said: The time has come to say enough is enough. Residents are sick and tired of having to constantly chase up missed collections and all we get from the Council is a long list of excuses such as new rounds bedding in, catching up from Christmas bank holidays or trucks breaking down. We never seem to get positive solutions to get things back on track which is why we want this command group to be set up and to work closely with the Cityclean employees to deliver the service that residents deserve.

Cllr. Cox added: Efficient and timely collection of household rubbish is the most basic, and visible, service provided by a Council to its citizens councils up and down the country are able to do it perfectly well but here in Brighton & Hove it seems to be beyond us. Yet this really should be just about basic leadership and management and so we are asking for senior officers to take personal responsibility for the service until this is sorted out once and for all.