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Choice on Europe is Clear


Mike Weatherley, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Hove and Portslade, has reiterated his support for the Prime Ministers promises on Britains relationship with Europe in the election on Thursday 22nd May.

The core guarantees of the Conservative Party European election manifesto are to:

  • Keep the cost of Europe down
  • Make Europe work for British business
  • Keep our country in control of its own borders
  • Take back control of criminal justice
  • Keep Britain out of Eurozone bailouts
  • Keep the Pound and Britain out of the Euro

Mike has emphasised that the Conservatives are also the only main party to offer an in-out referendum on whether or not to stay in the EU. For more information on the pledges of the Prime Minister, the Rt Hon David Cameron MP, click here.

Commenting, Mike said: It is important that residents have their say in the European elections given how much influence Europe has on our country. I am proud to represent a serious party that offers a clear pledge on how we, as Conservatives, will deal with Europe. We are the only party to offer an in-out referendum on our membership of the EU.