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Conservatives urge Union bosses to call off 10th July strike


Conservatives are urging Council Trade Union officials to call off a proposed strike on 10th July after figures revealed that just 8.3% of Unison members nationally voted in favour of it.

The two main Trade Unions for Council workers, Unison and GMB, balloted their members for possible strike action following a 1% pay offer from the local government employers. Unison announced yesterday that 84,000 out of 600,000 members responded to the ballot with 58% voting in favour of a strike this represents just 8.3% support from Unison members. The GMB has yet to declare the results of their ballot.

Conservative Group Leader, Geoffrey Theobald, said: This is hardly a resounding mandate for the Union bosses to cause further disruption and inconvenience to the citys residents. People that I speak to are thoroughly fed up with this sort of thing following last summers long-running bin strike and the widespread school closures earlier in the year. I have the utmost admiration for those care workers, school support staff and others who do incredibly demanding jobs but the harsh reality is that the public purse simply cannot afford larger pay rises. And if we did bow to the Unions bosses demands, the Council would have to cut more jobs in order to pay for this. I call on my fellow Green and Labour Group Leaders to join with me in urging Unison and the GMB to call off this disruptive and costly strike.

The National Union of Teachers has also announced that its members will be joining the 10th July strike, causing further disruption to many thousands of children and parents in the city.