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Greens and Labour thwart Conservative bid to end Sunday parking rip-off


Conservatives have expressed disappointment that neither the Green nor Labour Parties supported their sensible proposals for targeted free or reduced cost parking on Sundays in Brighton & Hove, instead choosing to stick with the current excessive charges.

At last week’s Policy & Resources Committee a petition from the local Liberal Democrats calling for blanket free parking, both on- and off-street, on Sundays was debated by councillors.

Conservative Group Leader, Geoffrey Theobald, and Finance Spokesperson, Ann Norman, moved an amendment to request a more targeted approach which neither of the other two parties supported. The Green and Labour Parties voted against investigating the possibility of:

  • Free or reduced rate weekend parking at the Council’s underused car parks such as Norton Road, London Road and Oxford Court;
  • Only operating non-city centre Controlled Parking Zones on Monday to Saturday;
  • Free or reduced rate parking at targeted locations on Sundays during the Winter and more generally extending the cheaper Winter season charges;
  • Free off and/or on-street parking for an initial 2 or 3 hours period on Sundays

Cllr. Theobald said: “There is definitely scope to help residents, visitors and businesses by reducing some charges and permits on Sundays and extending the winter season from October to April, rather than the current November to February. We would like to see Council officers going out and speaking to business and residents’ groups, and for instance churches, to discuss what can be done. This seems like simple common sense and so I fail to understand why the Green and Labour Parties didn’t support our amendment, instead agreeing a token offer to look at the possibility of “promotional rates” at just 3 underused car parks and only then not considering this until the end of the year. This really is very disappointing for the many people who feel that the Council is ripping them off when it comes to parking charges.”

Notes for editors:

Cllr. Theobald can be contacted on 07753636203