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Conservatives criticise feeble Council efforts on fly-tipping


Conservatives have uncovered shocking figures which show that there have been just two prosecutions for fly-tipping by Brighton & Hove City Council in the last 3 years.

The figures were revealed in an answer to a question by Westbourne Ward Councillor, Graham Cox, at todays Full Council meeting. The figures are:
2011-2012 1 prosecution
2012-2013 1 prosecution
2013-2014 0 prosecutions

Commenting on the figures, Cllr. Cox said: Councillors of all parties receive complaints about fly-tipping on an almost daily basis and it is pretty feeble that the current Administration has been only able to mount 2 prosecutions in the last 3 years and none in the last year, when the problem has been getting worse. Some locations are subject to repeated fly-tips and it is, therefore, a relatively easy matter to mount observations and catch those responsible. We hope that revealing these figures publicly will encourage the Council to finally take this growing problem seriously.