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Conservatives support Police in tackling dangerous parking and vandalism in Preston Park

Lee Wares
Lee Wares

Residents have been raising concerns with Conservative Preston Park Councillor candidates Lee Wares, Ed De Sousa and Sam Evans about problems with dangerous parking in areas of the Ward. In these same areas, offending vehicles have been subject to criminal damage.

Dangerously parked vehicles impede pedestrians on junctions and increase the risk of injury by creating blind spots. This also causes hazards to other road users and could potentially block access for the emergency services.

Now with the backing of Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne, and the support of Sussex Police, an initiative is underway in the Ward to warn offending vehicle owners and advise that repeated offences will lead to fines and/or vehicles being towed away.

Dangerously parked vehicles have also been subject to criminal damage. Sussex Police are now following up on their investigations and deploying covert patrols to deter and/or apprehend offenders.

Lee Wares said Parking within the Ward is a significant issue for residents but, regardless of the lack of space and reasons behind it, residents are equally concerned about the increasing occurrence of dangerously parked vehicles.

I have witnessed the issue first hand and there are unacceptable risks to pedestrians, especially children, trying to cross junctions. It is only a matter of time before somebody is hurt or killed or the emergency services cant get to an incident quickly enough

It is also unacceptable that people are causing criminal damage to offending vehicles. Nobody should take the law into their own hands regardless of their reasons. Two wrongs dont make a right.

Any information relating to dangerously parked vehicles or criminal damage should be reported to the Police on 101 when it is less urgent than 999 or report online at www.sussex.police.uk as part of Operation Crackdown

Lee Wares added I am delighted with the Polices response to the issues we have raised and we shall continue to support them in their efforts to provide a safer environment for the residents