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Conservatives urge striking refuse drivers to return to work


Conservatives are urging striking refuse collectors to return to work and have condemned the Labour and Green Groups on the Council for failing to stand up for residents whose service has been severely disrupted.

The GMB Trade Union has called the one day strike and work to rule to try and force the Council to put refuse lorry drivers on a higher pay grade. This is in spite of all jobs across the Council being fully-evaluated last year to ensure equality of pay across the whole organisation.

Conservative Group Leader, Cllr. Geoffrey Theobald, said: There is absolutely no justification for the GMB bosses to bring yet more bin misery to the citys long suffering residents. This is all about a handful of truck drivers who are not happy that some of their supervisor colleagues in the street-cleaning service now earn as much as they do following the job evaluation process. However, the silence of the two left wing political parties only gives the Trade Unions further encouragement. It has been left to me as Opposition Leader to appear in the media to explain the Councils position, which I agree with. I am pleased to see that, at last, the Green Council Leader has finally issued a statement condemning the strike today but frankly its too little too late. And we havent had one single public utterance from the Labour Party since this dispute began. With their strong connections to the GMB Union they should be using their influence to persuade these strikers to get back to work for the good of the city. To many people, their silence will give the impression that they are more interested in seeing their political rivals in the Green Party take a bashing than they are in seeing clean streets for the citys residents. This sort of behaviour belongs in the 1970s and in no way reflects the views or wishes of the vast majority of reasonable trade union members, or indeed residents and visitors to our city. The Council should not give in to their demands.