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Sam and Ed’s comments on Travellers in Preston Park


These are mine and Ed’s thought on the recent traveller fiasco in Preston Park at the moment. I have been in regular contact with the Traveller Liaison Team and will continue to do so until this is sorted.

We are extremely disappointed that travellers have returned to Preston Park yet again. On Saturday, we saw these caravans whilst out in the ward and went back Sunday to see that more had arrived.

It is such a shame that residents and visitors feel they can’t use one of the city’s flagship parks, due to the selfishness of people illegally setting up camp. The caravans are sited in a popular recreational area, causing maximum inconvenience and disturbance to families.

Ideally, Preston Park would be designated as a a sensitive site, but the Green’s and Labour did not support The Conservative’s motion which Councillors put before the council twice last year.

Hangleton, Surrenden Field and now Preston Park in the matter of 14 days. When will this unfair intrusion end?

I hope that Brighton & Hove City Council will act immediately on this important community issue.

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