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City Council approves repairs and redecorations of Preston Park toilets


At a meeting of Brighton & Hove City Council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability committee last week, Councillors agreed to authorise repairs and redecorations to the Rotunda Caf public toilets in Preston Park. The very poor condition of the toilets was first raised by the caf owner Francis Incorvaja with the Conservative Councillor Candidate Lee Wares in June. A petition signed by over 1,500 people demanding action was then presented to Full Council by Lee Wares on 17th July. After a unanimous vote, Council officers were instructed to provide the Committee with various options.

Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee members again agreed unanimously to authorise approximately 11,000 of repairs and redecorations to be spent within the current financial year. A large scale refurbishment of the Rotunda caf toilets will also be included in the forthcoming city-wide review of public toilets that will be subject to further scrutiny and decisions once published in January 2015.

Sam Evans, Conservative Councillor Candidate for Preston Park Ward said I am delighted with the Councils decision and will continue to monitor the situation and ensure that the toilets remain a priority for the Council.

Clarence Mitchell, the Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Pavilion added This has been a great example of common sense Conservative policies making a real difference for the people of Preston Park and beyond. It is excellent that this essential investment is being made in one of our flagship parks in the Pavilion constituency and it will be hugely welcomed by the thousands of resident and visitors who regularly use the park. I am very glad the Conservative Group was able to bring it about.

Francis Incorvaja, proprietor of the Rotunda Caf, said We are grateful to the Council for approving these repairs and redecorations that will make a huge difference to everybody. I am particularly grateful to Lee Wares and the Conservative Group who have been instrumental in achieving this significant benefit for the local community and visitors to our City.