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Conservatives condemn Labour strike support


Conservatives have challenged the Council’s Labour Group Leader to explain his position on the ongoing Cityclean dispute after his colleagues in the Withdean Labour branch expressed support for the strike action.

In a tweet, Withdean Labour said: “We believe that fair pay must recognise workers’ skills. This is why we support #Brighton #Hove bin lorry drivers @GMBSussexBranch.”

The GMB Trade Union, which funds the Labour Party, yesterday announced yet another day of strike action in their long-running dispute with the Council over the pay grading of refuse truck drivers. This is on top of an ongoing ‘work to rule’. A job evaluation panel recently ruled that the drivers are on the correct pay grade for the work that they carry out.

Conservative Group Leader, Cllr. Geoffrey Theobald, said: “In the light of these comments, Labour Leader, Warren Morgan, owes it to residents to clearly spell out his position on this ongoing strike action. Does he, or does he not agree with the Withdean Ward Labour candidates? If he has pretensions to lead this Council after May then residents have the right to know whether they can expect further disruption to their bin collections. I have always had concerns that Labour’s financial links to the Trade Unions would colour their judgement on matters such as this and the comments of his colleagues in Withdean Ward would suggest that a future Labour Administration would immediately cave in to the demands of the Union bosses.”