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Brighton and Hove Conservatives Launch Manifesto For 2015 Elections

Graham Cox and David Cameron

Brighton and Hove Conservatives tonight (Mar 24th) launched their Manifesto for the 2015 Brighton & Hove City Council Elections.

A Common Sense Council for Brighton & Hove“, unveiled before an audience of Councillors, Candidates and supporters at City College, Brighton, sets out the Party’s key priorities for a Conservative-controlled Brighton & Hove City Council after May 7th.

Key Manifesto highlights include:

The return of a beautiful Brighton, Hove and Portslade:

With a Conservative council, Brighton & Hove will be cleaner and greener: the Conservatives want our city to be beautiful again, including the removal of all graffiti within 24 hours, clean streets free of grime, refuse and litter, and grass verges regularly cut. The Conservatives will restore pride to our wonderful parks and recreation grounds, with the aim of all parks having or retaining Green Flag status.

A reliable refuse and recycling service:

A Conservative controlled council will transform Cityclean into an employee-led and owned mutual organisation. It will increase street sweeping and coordinate it with rubbish collection; streets will be swept immediately after (rather than before) rubbish is collected.

An end to rip off parking charges:

The Conservatives are determined that the reputation Brighton & Hove has gained for ripping off motorists will be ended. A Conservative controlled council will freeze all parking charges for 4 years and reduce the cost of residents’, business, and traders’ parking permits by 10%. Sunday and early evening parking charges will be reviewed with a view to scrapping them if residents and businesses agree.

A great place to do business and create jobs:

A Conservative-run Council will work with Brighton & Hove’s local businesses and schools to ensure our young people are equipped for the jobs of the future. Over 7,000 new apprenticeships have been created in the city since 2010, but there is much more to be done.

Excellent schools near to where you live:

A Conservative Council will drive excellence in our schools with a focus on educational attainment, whatever the background of the child or young person.  Our aim is that, by the end of a Conservative administration, no reception age children will live more than a reasonable walking distance from a good school. We will work with all providers, both locally and nationally, to deliver new secondary school places and a new secondary school for our city.

New homes for local people:

Conservatives believe decent homes are a basic right and we will make all social housing fit for purpose. We will develop an effective administrative service to manage the waiting list for social housing and improve communication with all who are on the list. Priority access to housing support will be given to people with a direct local connection to Brighton & Hove, those in work, the disabled, ex-servicemen and women and those who volunteer in the local community. A Conservative Administration will encourage the building of new homes at appropriate locations within the city: at least 1,000 new affordable homes will be built.

Tough action against unauthorised traveller encampments:

We will not tolerate unauthorised camping by travellers, van dwellers or anyone else on public roads and our open spaces. We will work with the Police and other agencies to enforce the law at all times. At present it feels like the needs and wishes of the existing, settled community are not being listened to. This is something we will rectify.

Your Council Tax will not go up under a Conservative Administration:

A Conservative Council will pursue a rigorous Value for Money programme, pioneered by the last Conservative administration, one shown by independent experts to be capable of delivering substantial savings whilst protecting frontline services.

Commenting at the Manifesto launch, Brighton & Hove City Council Conservative Group Leader, Councillor Geoffrey Theobald OBE, said:

“On Thursday 7th May 2015 the country will go to the polls. ln Brighton & Hove, you also have the opportunity to vote for a Conservative-run Council which will concentrate on providing good quality, cost effective services for residents.  We will no longer be known as the City of Protest.  A Conservative-run City Council will not just talk about a clean and green environment – we will deliver it. Valley Gardens will be transformed, Black Rock redeveloped, the King Alfred rebuilt and new public open spaces created. We invite you to elect hard working, committed Conservative Councillors across Brighton & Hove so we can together make the City a better place.”


Click here to download a copy of the manifesto.

For further information please contact:

Brighton & Hove Conservative Association: office@brightonandhoveconservatives.com

01273 945757

Cllr Geoffrey Theobald OBE:  geoffrey.theobald@brighton-hove.gcsx.gov.uk

01273 291195


Copies of the Manifesto will be available for distribution to media attending the launch news conference.