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Conservatives express disappointment at council tax and parking charge hikes

Cllr. Geoffrey Theobald OBE
Cllr. Geoffrey Theobald OBE

Conservatives have said that residents will suffer as a result of the Budget agreed by Labour, Green and UKIP councillors at last night’s Council meeting.

As a result of the Budget agreement, which the Conservatives voted against, residents will not only have a council tax rise 7 times the rate of inflation, but will also see increases in parking charges of up to 100%. Traders and businesses will also see the cost of their parking permits increase significantly, as Conservative efforts to have them frozen were voted down by Labour and the Greens.

Conservatives once again moved their council tax freeze budget but this was voted down by Labour, Green and UKIP councillors.

Conservative Group Leader, Cllr. Geoffrey Theobald, said: “It is incredibly disappointing that, despite our council tax freeze budget getting the highest number of votes last Thursday, the Labour Party – the smallest Group on the Council – was still unwilling to compromise and work with us last night to deliver the freeze in council tax and parking charges that residents, visitors and businesses in the city so desperately want.”

“It is so depressing, though completely predictable, that Labour and the Greens have abandoned full reform and modernisation of Cityclean, restructuring of senior management and the Assistant Chief Executive’s service and reductions in the Council’s communications budget which, if agreed, would have as good as delivered the extra £900k savings required to claim the £1.2 million Government grant to enable us to freeze council tax. None of these extra savings would have had a negative impact on crucial frontline services and indeed, in the case of Cityclean, it would have considerably improved them. Yesterday was a sad day for the city and, once again, the two left wing parties have united, this time in an unholy alliance with UKIP, to frustrate the structural reform that this Council so desperately requires.”