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Conservative criticise Labour free parking scrooges

Ebenezer Scrooge

Conservatives have expressed disappointment at the Labour Administration for not supporting their proposal to help local traders by offering free Christmas parking and by suspending all non-urgent roadworks in the city during December.

The Group’s Notice of Motion calling for free parking at certain under-used Council car parks on Small Business Saturday and the 3 Sunday’s before Christmas was voted down by the Labour and Green groups.

Group Transport Spokesman, Cllr. Tony Janio, said: “I am bitterly disappointed with the Labour party scrooges who have put the block on free Christmas parking. This time last year when we put this same initiative forward, they enthusiastically backed us – residents and the local business community will simply not understand this u-turn. Their excuse was that the Council doesn’t have enough money to implement free parking, but this ignores the fact that it would bring more people into the city and hence more money into the local economy.”

Fellow Committee Member, Cllr. Joe Miller, who seconded the Motion, added: “this was an ideal opportunity for the new Labour Administration to shake off the anti-motorist tag the city has gained in recent years under the Greens yet, by voting against our motion, they have blown it.”