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Improvements to City Gateway Junction Have Immediate Success


City Gateway Junction Improvements Image 1Working with the City’s Traffic Officers, Conservative Ward Councillor for Patcham and Hollingbury, Lee Wares has brought about immediate success along the A23 London Road by the A23/A27 roundabout junction.

Legal, but unclear road markings, made it potentially confusing for those parking on London Road alongside Patcham Place to know where you could and could not park. This led to fines being issued, dangerous pedestrian crossing points and congestion as vehicles had to navigate between traffic islands and parked vehicles.

Cllr Lee Wares said “with a little bit of thought and the spending of a relatively small amount of money redefining road markings, a huge difference to pedestrian safety and traffic flow can be achieved. Kerb space for parking wasn’t diminished and we didn’t have to introduce a controlled parking zone to fund it”.

He added “as a gateway in and out of the city taking traffic from the A23 and A27, it is imperative that this junction is as clear as possible. Frequent inappropriate parking has seen large vehicles get stuck and traffic backing up as a consequence. Also, it never felt fair that fines were being issued to drivers who might have been unsure of where they could park. Now it is obvious.”

City Gateway Junction Improvements Image 2“Pedestrian safety is also paramount and no longer will we have pedestrians having to dart between parked vehicles to cross this fast stretch of road”.

Cllr Geoffrey Theobald commented “this small but high impact project goes to demonstrate that low levels of investment on well thought out solutions can make a significant difference. If we could apply this approach across the city we could make such a positive difference to those that wish or need to drive whilst keeping pedestrians and other road users safe”.