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Withdean Ward Councillor Raises Awareness of Education Trust Fund


Nick Taylor, the newly elected Councillor for Withdean ward, has written to local schools raising awareness of the Education Trust Fund.

The Fund is overseen by Brighton and Hove City Council and aims to give support to applicants to cover the costs associated with education. This can include school trips, books, travel and equipment.

There are strict eligibility criteria for the Fund and it can only grant small amounts but any parent who may need assistance should contact their local school or the City Council.

Councillor Taylor said, “As a newly appointed Trustee of the Fund I was concerned that there was a lack of awareness among parents about the support available. I would hate to think that deserving cases are not coming forward because they simply do not know that the Fund exists. I have therefore written to schools that educate children from Withdean ward to help raise awareness so that schools and parents are aware of the potential support available. Trustees can only help the neediest of cases and funds are limited but all of us trustees want to help those who need our assistance.”

The Education Trust Fund holds money from benefactors who have granted money to assist with the education of residents of Brighton and Hove.

Schools receiving letters are:
Westdene Primary
St Bernadette’s Roman Catholic Primary
Balfour Primary
Stanford Infants and Junior Schools
Varndean Shool
Dorothy Stringer

The Trustees of the Education Trust Fund include:
Cllr. Mo Marsh (Chair)
Cllr. Vanessa Brown
Cllr. Daniel Chapman
Cllr. Amanda Knight