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Conservative Notice of Motion calling for action on multiple births passed unanimously at Full Council


At its last meeting of the Full Council, Councillors put aside political differences to vote for a Conservative proposed Notice of Motion regarding multiple births.

The Notice of Motion was proposed by Conservative Councillor Nick Taylor and seconded by his ward colleague Councillor Ann Norman.

The Motion called for NHS England to investigate and to make use of extra resources for tackling the high level of still births and neonatal deaths for multiple births.

The Conservative Group accepted an amendment to the Motion which requested that the Health and Wellbeing Board investigates this matter further as part of its work programme.

Speaking at the debate, Councillor Taylor, who is also a triplet himself, said: “As a multiple I was lucky. All three of us had healthy weights. Nor did any of us suffer from complications or abnormalities. I therefore feel a great sense of vocation in standing up for those multiples who do not have luck on their side.”

Despite the advances in technology and practices multiple births still account for 7% of stillbirths and 14% neonatal deaths, despite accounting for only 3% of births. In addition, multiple births place a greater strain on the expectant mothers and require greater care and support.

Commenting after the debate, Councillor Taylor said: “I was so pleased to see that every Councillor voted to support the Notice of Motion that I proposed. I was very happy to accept the amendment to my original Notice as I felt that it was a concrete call to action for the Council”

“I hope this is the first step that we all take as a Council to investigate and to bridge this gap in outcomes for multiple children born in our city.”