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Woodingdean Residents Unite Over Phone Mast Blunder


Cllrs. Dee Simson and Steve Bell join the protest
Cllrs. Dee Simson and Steve Bell join the protest
Woodingdean residents have staged a public protest against Brighton & Hove City Council following the error which resulted in permission being granted by default for the erection of a 12.5 metre telephone mast and 2 equipment cabinets on Warren Road in front of the area’s historic cottages and almost directly outside a children’s nursery.

The demonstration was attended by approximately 80 residents including children, concerned parents, local residents and Ward Councillors Dee Simson and Steve Bell.

The Council refused permission for the telecommunications company’s application to erect a mast and cabinet but failed to issue the decision notice outlining the refusal in the required statutory time of 56 days. Therefore, under the regulations, planning permission is granted by default.

Woodingdean Ward Councillor, Dee Simson said: “We are really pleased with the number of people who attended this demonstration and hope that the Council stands up and takes note at the strength of feeling in this community about what has happened here. It is simply not fair for the residents of Woodingdean to have to take the brunt of the Council’s error.”

Councillor Bell added “I will be raising the issue at the next Full Council to ensure the Administration is held to account. We will not go away until a suitable solution has been found.”