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Conservatives secure success on Youth Services rethink


Conservatives on Brighton & Hove City Council have secured cross-party agreement for a report  seeking further information on the options for the future of the city’s Youth Services. At last week’s Full Council meeting, a petition was presented by young people calling on the Labour Administration to cancel its plans to cut virtually all of the funding it provides for Youth Services in the City. In addition, the Conservative Group moved an amendment calling on officers to bring an urgent report to a Committee meeting on 9th February setting out:

  • What services could be provided at a range of different funding levels if the full cut were not implemented
  • What options were considered by the Administration as alternatives to the proposed cut
  • an impact assessment of the cut and an assessment of the increased pressures on other budgets and services should the proposed cut be implemented

Group Deputy Leader, Andrew Wealls, who proposed the amendment said: “Before we, as councillors, are asked to make this potentially life-changing decision, it is vital that we have all the relevant information before us. As yet, we have not had that, and my understanding is that the decision to decimate the Youth Service budget was made by the Labour Administration over a weekend and with next to no consultation, particularly with those it will most affect. That is simply not acceptable.” Group Spokesman for Children, Young People & Skills, Vanessa Brown, added: “The young people that presented their petition explained very eloquently how these proposed cuts will affect them and others like them in the city. In support of them, I’m pleased that we have managed to bring some pressure to bear by securing this additional information and have hopefully kept the door open for the Labour Administration to have a rethink.”