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Cllr Geoffrey Theobald: Morgan’s Bizarre Budget Rant – A Response

Cllr Geoffrey Theobald

I am responding to yet another press release/letter from Council Leader Warren Morgan who asks why the Conservatives aren’t ‘up in arms’ after the Government’s Budget (Argus 13th March).

Why would we be up in arms Cllr. Morgan, when the Chancellor has just awarded us an extra £10 million funding for social care in the city? Why would we be up in arms about the huge investment in new Free Schools, when another one of these (which you Cllr Morgan have backed) will soon be opening in this City, providing much-needed new Secondary School places? Why would we be protesting about the £500 million a year investment in post-16 technical education for our talented young people who don’t want to follow the academic route? And why would we be up in arms about the £2 million which the Chancellor has just committed to help small businesses in this city following the business rate revaluation carried out by the independent Valuation Office Agency? (although, contrary to the impression given by Cllr. Morgan, overall business rates in the city will fall by 2.5%, because a significant number of small businesses will see a reduction).

What we certainly were up in arms about Cllr Morgan was your Labour Administration’s attempts to decimate the city’s highly valued Youth Service. And thanks to our hard work and perseverance, and the passion and dedication of the young people that use the Youth Service, this has now been saved, along with grants to the voluntary sector and funding for respite breaks for families with disabled children that Cllr. Morgan was also trying to cut unnecessarily.

Instead of his constant doom and gloom mongering, perhaps Cllr. Morgan would like to join me in celebrating the city’s all-time record high employment rate, the highest wage increases in the country for the city’s workforce and the multi-million pound investment in major projects in the city from the Government’s Local Growth Fund?

This bizarre rant from the Council Leader shows just how far detached from reality and the interests of ordinary working people the Labour Party has become under Jeremy Corbyn. So much for this divided local Labour Party having the city’s best interests at heart.