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Controversial Plans to Alter Catchment Areas Have Been Dropped


The Labour  Administration wanted to reduce the intake of both Hertford Infant School  and Benfield Primary School by one form of entry. The Conservative Group were completely opposed to this as Benfield is graded by Ofsted as good , has National Teaching School status and is very well regarded by parents. Hertford is graded as outstanding and has greatly reduced the gap between advantaged and disadvantaged pupils. We were pleased to support the parents and governors in opposing this proposed reduction in numbers and are delighted that we were successful.

Chaotic Labour Administration

The very controversial plans to alter the catchment areas for secondary school pupils have also now been dropped. Due to revised census figures and the late offer of extra places being offered at four schools there does not now need to be any changes for 2019 and 2020.

Unnecessary Uncertainty and Heartache

This will come as a great relief to all the parents and pupils who would have been affected by the changes. They have been put through a lot of unnecessary uncertainty and heartache and we feel for them.

Wasted Time and Taxpayer’s Money

On the down side many hours of time and much money has been spent on consulting residents about these proposals which are now to be dropped. This decision will also not help the schools in the outlying areas – BACA , PACA and Longhill – who were hoping for extra pupils as they are still under-subscribed.

Cllr Vanessa Brown. Conservative Group Education SpokespersonCllr Vanessa Brown. Conservative Group Education Spokesperson