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Hangleton Bottom Disaster Averted

Hangleton Bottom

Conservative Group Prevents a Disastrous Waste of Taxpayer’s Money

In a meeting of the City’s Finance committee this evening (25-01-18) The Conservative Group prevented a disastrous waste of taxpayer’s money, Council resources, and time.

Ward Councillor Tony Janio exposed how, under the leadership of the chaotic Labour Administration, Taxpayer’s money has already been wasted by the disjointed plans to bring two Council funded developments to Hangleton Bottom.

Conservative Councillors (clockwise) Janio, Bell, Wealls, and Peltzer Dunn
Cllrs Janio, Bell, Wealls, & Peltzer Dunn

After investigations into both the proposed new animal welfare facility, and the planned relocation of City Parks depot, Cllr Janio uncovered details of how two separate departments have been developing perfectly compatible plans, for two similar structures, on the site. By joining these projects significant savings can be made.

Affordable Housing

Cllr Janio went on to demand that, given the extensive development opportunities at Hangleton bottom – most importantly of affordable housing – the proposed waste incineration plant be rejected outright.

…Whilst We Have Many Committees, We Are One Council

Cllr Peltzer Dunn pointed out that whilst we have many Committees, we are one Council. Whatever has led this chaotic Labour Administration to oversee this failure in joined-up working, it is fortunate that Conservative Councillors have highlighted these failings at this stage. We have the opportunity to save Council Tax payer’s money, and bring two great facilities online, if we combine these projects.

New Animal Welfare Facility at Hangleton Bottom

Proposals to build and provide an animal welfare facility, at Hangleton Bottom, as part of the redevelopment works to accommodate City Parks, were jointly amended by The Conservative Group today (25-01-18) and agreed as a result.

Cllr Tony Janio - Leader of The Conservative Group. Spokesman for PR&G Committee
Cllr Tony Janio – Leader of The Conservative Group. Spokesman for PR&G Committee