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Conservative Warning as Valley Gardens Roadworks to Start & Shelter Hall Takes Another Year

Artist's impression of Shelter Hall scheme.
Artist's impression of Shelter Hall scheme.

Local Conservatives were delighted when the Government, through the Department for Transport, allocated £9 million from the Highways Maintenance Challenge Fund, for the redevelopment and restoration of the iconoclastic Shelter Hall project several years ago.

Cllr Tony Janio - Leader of The Conservative Group at BHCC
Cllr Tony Janio

Cllr Janio Predicted Insufficient Funding

On a visit to the site last year, Cllr Janio, Leader of the Conservative, warned that his next visit would probably be when they had run out of money: and this is exactly what has happened.

Dysfunctional Approach to the Management of Taxpayer’s Money

The Chaotic Labour Administration will use all manner of excuses to cover up its dysfunctional approach to the management of taxpayer’s money; but residents should be told the truth. The Conservatives will assess the call for an extra £2m, but we really can’t go on like this – the city deserves better.

Cllr Lynda Hyde
Cllr Lynda Hyde

Cllr Lynda Hyde Highlighted Poor Consultation Process

Speaking in 2016 Councillor Lynda Hyde said: “It’s extremely poor that the Conservation Advisory Group was not consulted in an appropriate manner – the plans are not perfect…” so yet again a Conservative Councillor highlighted failings that could have averted this disaster.

Cllr. Lee Wares
Cllr. Lee Wares

It’s Essential the Labour Administration Carefully Co-ordinate Construction Phases

The estimated construction programme, provided to The Environment, Transport, and Sustainability Committee, advised of a June 2018 start – with the project ending in April 2020. It is essential that the Labour Administration carefully co-ordinate the construction phases to avoid interrupting all the events our City holds.

Businesses Rely Heavily on the Summer Season

Equally, our tourist related businesses rely heavily on the summer season to survive the lean winter periods. With Shelter Hall now over-running by a year and the hospital underway, the Administration are going to have to be all over Valley Gardens. It was expected that Shelter Hall would be finished before Valley Gardens started so it is crucial that Labour don’t take their eye off the ball because if they do, it will be a disaster for the City.