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Conservatives Achieve Significant Wins For Our City’s Young People

Conservative Councillors at Hove Town Hall
Conservative Group Secures Half a Million Pounds for Youth Services

Conservatives Achieve Significant Wins For Our City’s Young People By Assuring Moderate-Labour Of Our Votes.

Cllr Wealls. Conservative Finance Spokesman
Cllr Andrew Wealls

Short breaks and day support for young people with learning disabilities:

Additional out-of-school respite provision for disabled children and young people delivered through the 3 new SEND3 integrated hubs providing support in the early evenings and as appropriate at weekends. The details will be determined in consultation with PaCC (the Parents and Carers Group).

Independent visitors for Children in Care:

The Independent Visitor service co-ordinates a team of 54 volunteers who visit, befriend and advise children who are in care or who are care leavers. The volunteers will normally visit twice a month and they in turn receive support from 2 part-time coordinators. There are currently 16 children who have expressed a wish for a visitor but have not yet been allocated one. This investment will ensure that up to 20 additional visitors will be trained and allocated to support young people.

Additional mental & emotional support for Young People:

The School Wellbeing Service (previously the Community CAMHS Team) are working successfully across the secondary school sector to support schools to better meet the needs of young people with emotional wellbeing and mental health needs. This has already led to a reduction in referrals to the service. It is proposed to work with the Further Education sector in the city to extend this work to the 16-19 age group.

Neighborhood Youth Work:

It is proposed to provide increased investment in the community and voluntary sector to deliver youth work. This is likely to be delivered through the organisations commissioned by the council in October 2017. The recently established Cross Party Youth Group, which includes young people, will be asked to develop proposals for how this investment should be allocated to improve outcomes for young people across the city.

Skills & employment support for Young People with SEND:

The council’s Youth Employability Service (YES) has been highly successful in ensuring that young people who leave secondary school access education, employment and training and levels of NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) are one of the lowest in the country. However, for young people with additional needs, in particular those with special educational needs or a disability and young people who are in care, the percentage who are NEET is higher and some young people who transition successfully are unable to sustain their training or employment. Consultation will be undertaken with the community & voluntary sector regarding the potential for YES to target this group of young people in order to increase the percentage who are able to access sustainable employment.

Youth Bus:

Following the recent re-design of the internal youth service the current youth bus is now under-used. There have been discussions with CVS providers and they have expressed interest in making greater use of the bus to deliver their neighborhood youth services. It is proposed therefore that a small contract be offered to run the bus. This investment would support the administration and maintenance of the Youth Bus.

Support for Unaccompanied Asylum Seekers:

In the last 2 years Brighton and Hove has experienced a significant increase in the number of unaccompanied asylum seeking young people living in the city. Many of these young people will have experienced very significant trauma and most experience high levels of anxiety as they come to settle in an unfamiliar place. Early support to address their emotional needs, links to community activities and for some interventions to address their trauma helps them to better settle down in the city, thrive and become active members of their community. This will provide for the development of support programmes to
meet their needs.

Substance Misuse:

Following improved integration of support from Families Children & Learning and Public Health through a single adolescent strategy to meet the needs of young people, this investment will support young people who are already struggling with substance misuse or who are at risk of this.

Conservatives are Realistic About Challenges Facing The Council

Local Conservatives are realistic about the challenges facing the Council. We know the cost of social care is going up as our population ages and demand increases. We welcome the extra £7.5m  the government will give us this year to help. And know the 3% Council Tax supplement on top of Labour’s 3% hike is probably unavoidable. We just want to be sure it will be properly spent. There is a huge challenge to integrate social care and the NHS, and doubt whether sensible moderate Labour politicians have the nerve to commission services fairly and effectively whilst constantly living in fear of a dysfunctional relationship with the unions and Momentum-Labour ready to deselect them for making any decision they don’t like.

Conservative Councillors at Hove Town Hall
Conservative Group Secures Half a Million Pounds for Youth Services